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Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most important marketing channels online. Its advertising tools have excellent optimization and scaling capabilities, and Facebook Business Manager’s finetuned targeting options let you reach your ideal audience easily.

However, the site is buzzing with constant content marketing and advertising. Overcoming the algorithm to gain visibility is becoming more challenging every day. Facebook Business Manager can also seem complicated to someone who doesn’t have the time to learn the platform’s numerous options and tools. Creating campaigns without actual know-how often leads to endless headaches – and poor conversion rates.

Whether you want to increase your organic reach or have someone run paid ad campaigns for you, we’d be happy to help. The DeVere Marketing Ad Program has run successful Facebook campaigns for years, and our team of experts is always looking for new challenges.

Amazon Ads

Amazon provides tools for marketing and selling your products almost anywhere in the world. Many use the Amazon Store to list and advertise their products to maximize their brand visibility, while Amazon’s “Sponsored Ads” and product page SEO improve the visibility of your products in organic search results.

We work primarily with indie authors but are available to run ad campaigns for other vendors.

If you’re interested in Amazon Ads, please get in touch!