New Beginnings

May 4, 2019, by
Teija DeVere Marketing Specialist

It’s my last day at the office today, before I start my journey as an entrepreneur. People congratulate me and I feel as they are genuinely happy for me. But they all have one question to ask:

“But aren’t you scared?”

I look back and think of my career that I built literally focusing on one day at a time. First, I worked at a few local offices in Portland Maine. The first office was like butterflies and puppy cuddles. The second was panic attacks and floor manager’s spit on my face. I learned a priceless skill; to control my fear and to deal with scary people. I also learned how important it is to spend the eight hours a day doing something you really care about, to have a job that you WANT to succeed in.

So, I became a freelance writer. I took any job I could get, no matter how small, and trust me when I say… the work was not always “creative” or “fun”. One project specifically comes to mind: “Write SEO-descriptions for 500 hand tools. All descriptions must include specific keywords, but each text must be unique. Deadline: 48 hours.” I literally pulled half my hair off while working said Excel sheet… and then I nailed it.

During my freelance years I lived in the United States. I usually worked three jobs in one day; one to do with Online Marketing (I got a killer contract with a great company called First Beat Media), freelance writing jobs, and barn work / training horses at the local barn. My jobs left me with zero downtime and no days off. But I loved each job! (Well, maybe not ALL of the SEO-assignments.)

I checked through my bucket list fast. I added things that were never supposed to be on that list, like getting married, being a dog owner, moving to California, and learning to say “NO”. All the self-doubt aside, I started to write in English instead of Finnish. I realized I was pretty good at it. I bought a horse and decided to become a dressage rider as well as an author. My articles were published in national magazines and my travel story was included in a short story book. People told me I was brave to do these things. I told them I shook in my boots, but stubborn as I am, I did it anyways.

Am I afraid to become an entrepreneur and start my own Ad Agency? Does it terrify me that in a few weeks the book I wrote about my most shameful memories will be out there for rest of the world to read? The answer is no. The thought of these two things never happening? Now THAT scares the crap out of me.

Here’s to new beginnings,
Teija DeVere

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