Social Media Marketing

What’s your visibility like on social media?


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Do you have a product or a service you’d like to tell your potential customers about? Facebook and Instagram ads are essential for any brand seeking high visibility.

Facebook and Instagram ads are something that everybody’s into, or at least talking about these days. These busy social media channels are filled with thousands of ads by thousands of brands. Eye-catching, converting pictures, videos and copy texts, target audience research and the most effective placements… Do you know how to stand out in the crowd?

DeVere Marketing combines Teija’s knowledge of Facebook ad strategies and Chris’ high-quality video animations that together give your ads the best performance and conversions.

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Google & LinkedIn Ads

Google and LinkedIn offer a sizable tool box of valuable marketing tools. Gather information about your customers, find out how your website is working, and make sure your paid ads are performing at their best.

Google Ads are an effective way to advertise your products and services to people who are already looking for them in search engines’ results.

LinkedIn campaigns are an excellent way to give your B2B marketing a boost and find the people who work in the industry, and are therefore offer the most potential to become new customers.

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