Language & Writing


“Business” or “vacation” English is great for nearly every situation except your public facing copy, which should always be written in perfect, idiomatically correct, easy-to-read English. At DeVere Marketing we offer the highest quality native English copy and editorial services available in Finland, complete with great rates, lightning-fast turnaround times, and the ease of dealing with a local Finnish company.


Interesting and relevant content – every marketing project out there depends on it. Too many companies settle for content that reads awkwardly, with expressions a native speaker simply wouldn’t use.

DeVere Marketing offers content creation services in both Finnish and English, crafted by expert writers who are also native speakers of the language. Creating everything from blog posts to corporate white papers, the writers of DeVere Marketing will produce flawless and compelling content on any topic you require.

Blog Posts & Content Creation

Blog posts are a great example. Not everyone knows this, but Google and other search engines favor websites that renew their content frequently. If you don’t produce enough original content, your company’s website will start to appear less frequently in search engine results.

A monthly blog post is a great way to keep your site fresh and search engine friendly. We can provide you with high-quality content on almost any topic you come up with. A monthly blog post using SEO keywords can help keep your site relevant on Google – and important to your customers.

If you’re looking for content that will knock your customer’s socks off, just send us a message and let us tell you what we have to offer.

Translation, Editing, & Proofreading

• Are you about to expand into international markets?
• Does your website need to be translated into English by a native speaker?
• Do you need proofreading for your current non-native translation?
• Do you have a document that needs English editing or proofreading?

DeVere Marketing offers native English translation, editing, and proofreading services. Fine-tune your documents to bring them as close to perfection as possible before publishing. Whether you need help with an email, a blog post, or a document of any length, DeVere Marketing can provide you with the help you need. Our expert proofreaders will review your document line by line to ensure that every phrase sounds natural in English. Produce content that reads like it was written by a native English speaker.

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Proofreading: this is the process of checking a completed manuscript for typos, formatting errors, and other problems that need to be caught before a book goes to market. If you’ve ever seen a book with an unnecessary page break or a strange spelling error, the manuscript probably needed a round of proofreading and didn’t get it. Our expert proofreaders can do this job for you, sparing you the stress and irritation of going through your own manuscript one last time – and also catching anything you might have missed!

Copyediting: this is a much more comprehensive process than proofreading. A copy editor does keep an eye out for spelling errors and formatting problems, but also checks for every kind of error you can think of. Problems with grammar and punctuation, inconsistent spelling choices, continuity issues, factual errors, and even inconsistent behavior by the characters in your story – our copy editors are experts at finding all the issues that might otherwise make your book seem less professional.

Line Editing: while the copy edit focuses on correcting mistakes, the line edit focuses on the writing itself. Our line editors will check your manuscript for sentences that read awkwardly, scenes that need to be tightened up, phrases that need to be clarified or expressed in a different way, and clichés that need to be replaced. Our highly trained line editors can help make sure that the language you use is as clear and beautiful as it can be!

Developmental Editing: developmental editing focuses on the deep structure of your book. Do you have issues with your plot, conflicts that you can’t seem to resolve in a satisfactory way, or sub-plots that don’t seem to dovetail with the main plot? Our developmental editors can figure out what went wrong and get you back on track, helping you turn your “problem” book into a tightly plotted masterpiece.

Language Services for Authors: Authors depend on clear, correct, and idiomatic English just as much as corporations do. Whether your project is fiction or non-fiction, you need to be sure that every single sentence is easy-to-read and flawlessly structured – especially if you are not a native speaker of the language in which you’re writing. At DeVere Marketing, we can remove the fear of making a bad impression and ensure that your manuscript is polished and professional. Our editors will review your manuscript line by line and make sure that every sentence reads like it was written by a native English speaker.

The editors at DeVere Marketing have extensive experience with both writing and editing and have numerous publication credits of their own as well as experience working with major publishers. Our team includes professional freelancers, English teachers, and PhDs.

We take a real sense of joy in helping our fellow authors produce the best work they possibly can.

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